Data Summary

Check your data for multi-account easily.

Ads Analysis

Analysis your ads and give suggestions for optimization.

Customer Service

Easily auto follow your customer will our templates.


Auto request review...Auto pricing...

Everything in One

We develop this software for easily running your Amazon. Save 50% time to make your business better.

Manage with Mobile App

Mobile app is coming…

  • Daily Data Dashboard
  • Directly Contact Your Customer
  • Upgrade / Downgrade Your Services

  • Receive Regular Updates

What Our Clients Say

Some kind words from our respected clients


With Amazon growing as rapidly as it has been, a tool like Bmansc is a Amazon seller’s dream. Highly recommend it to Amazon sellers in my community.


Jenny James


A good portion of our entire accounting client base have been long-time customer of Bmansc and use it as a vital tool in their business’ tech stack.. and the numbers show for it. A quick glance at their books, and you’ll see that folks who not only buy, but really use, the entire suite of tools, make more money AND are more profitable.


Matthew Mint


Bmansc provides everything that a a beginner needs to increase product ranking revnuew and most importantly, profit amrgins. If you really learn how to use it, you’ll have a huge advantage over your competition!


Maria Marvel

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